Senior Counsel –  Banking & Financial Regulatory  

I am specialized in the regulation of banks, financial intermediaries and insurance companies. I have also gained experience in the areas of corporate law, with particular reference to extraordinary transactions, and corporate governance of listed and unlisted companies.

As well as having gained significant experience in accounting law and in corporate law in general, I have dealt with the regulatory aspects of companies operating in the banking and insurance sectors, providing assistance, inter alia, in the setting up of banks, in the preparation of applications for authorizations to carry out activities subject to the law in Italy, and in the governance and drafting of the main internal regulations of banks, financial intermediaries and insurance companies (e.g. transactions with related parties; qualitative and quantitative composition of the administrative body; remuneration policy; outsourcing policies).

I also provide consultancy and advice on the exercise of reserved activities in Italy (financing, banking, payment services, investment services, insurance and insurance distribution), with particular regard to the operations in Italy by foreign entities, and assistance to foreign insurance companies established in Italy in matters of regulatory compliance.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I worked at one of the “Big Four” firms for twenty years.

I have covered various roles in the board of statutory auditors of companies and banks.


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