I am a Senior Counsel of Tax Disputes, Tax Disputes Resplution at WST.

In the last twenty years, I have helped taxpayers with refund procedures, tax rulings and audits, as well as tax disputes before all judicial authorities, including the Supreme Court.

My clients operate, among others, in the industrial, advertisement, luxury, energy and shipping sectors.

My specific expertise includes the fields of corporate tax, tax abuse, tax residence, local taxes and the taxation of shipping companies.

I have a Ph.D. in tax law from the Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca, with a thesis on relations between EU law and double taxation treaties, and I regularly teach university and post-graduate training courses and seminars.

I am an author of various publications on corporate income tax, procedural matters and EU law.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy), I was a partner in Prof. Zizzo’s law firm since its foundation.


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