Senior Counsel – Labour Law 

I have more than 15 years’ experience in labor and labor relations law, in which I provide legal assistance to companies, both out-of-court and in litigation.

Over the years, in order to elevate and streamline the level of service offered to companies, with a view to providing them with adequate tools for the preventive assessment of risks of a labor-law matrix, I have developed a working model that has led me to lend my activity at the headquarters of client companies. In this context, working in close contact with company management and, transversally, with every level and sector of the business organization, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the processes and areas affected by the application of labor-relevant norms or institutes.
In the area of labor relations, I provide assistance and advice in the management of ordinary institutional activity between the parties, also participating in the negotiation of second-level company agreements, CIG and mobility procedures. I have also gained significant experience in the management of company/union conflict, representing the company both in relations with the press and in relations with the institutions involved.
My clients operate in the fields of aesthetics and body care, engineering, companies of international excellence specializing in the repair and customization of luxury cars and, more generally, pertaining to the automotive sector.

Alongside the realities described there are also companies operating in the field of the development of the latest technologies, aimed at the design of new means of interaction and communication dedicated to employees.

In addition, with particular reference to the Emilia area there are companies belonging to the food & beverage sector, growing realities that represent an important point of reference for domestic and foreign customers.

The experience gradually gained and the monitoring of the needs expressed by the companies assisted in growth, have allowed me to investigate issues related to the introduction of corporate welfare policies, formulating innovative solutions, adapted to specific realities, then concretized through the signing of second-level agreements and regulations negotiated with company trade unions, aimed at improving the quality of working life of employees.

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Bologna with a law degree, I worked in leading firms specializing in employment law. From 2008 to 2017, I was in charge of the employment law area at nationally prominent Associated Firm.
I have been an Expert in Civil Law at the University of Bologna and a speaker at several conferences on labor law, some of them accredited by the Bologna Business School.


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