Senior Counsel – Risk & Compliance and ESG

I am a lawyer, specialising in criminal law and compliance.

In particular, I deal with corporate criminal liability and consultancy on “white collar crimes”: implementation of organisational models in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/01 and related operating procedures, in teams with professionals who are experts in internal control systems; consultancy on corporate criminal law; workplace health and safety in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008; anti-money laundering in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/07; criminal tax law; market abuse; management and personnel training on corporate criminal liability, organisation models and workplace health and safety.

My experience accrued in the corporate governance and compliance field has allowed me to gain expertise and to deal with further issues linked to risk management and prevention, such as bribery prevention plans and antitrust compliance models, as well as compliance with specific industry regulations, such as the regulations on “unbundling” in the energy sector.

Today my activity ranges from legal opinions on corporate criminal law to consultancy in the adoption and implementation of organisation models, to support in preparing delegation of roles on workplace health and safety.

The clients I advise on a daily basis include listed companies, subsidiaries/affiliates of public bodies and small and medium enterprises, also forming part of multinational groups, active mainly in the industrial sector and in that of services.

I regularly speak at workshops and conventions and I am a Master’s lecturer on corporate criminal liability and on corporate criminal law.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I worked atvarious law firms, dealing with compliance with Legislative Decree no. 231/01 at one of the “Big Four” law firm.


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