Andrea Consolini

Senior Counsel – Labour Law 

I have gained a specific experience in the field of labour law and social security.

I provide support to businesses in the managing of every aspect connected to the relationships between employers and employees.

I have been practicing in courts throughout Italy.

I work across dispute cases relating to subordinate labour, self-employment, administrative sanctions from INPS and DTL reports and debt notices, individual and collective dismissals, harassment, deskilling, tasks change, compensation for
pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, transfers and wage difference. I also have specialist knowledge in flexible employment relations.

I provide counselling and assistance to my clients, both national and multinational companies across many sectors, including industrial, commercial, banking, maritime and postal.

In addition, I work on ordinary labour relations management as for operations such as business transfers and restructuring or due diligence.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I worked in an Italian law firm specialising in labour law.

I am a Doctor (PhD) of labour law at Università La Sapienza of Rome.

I regularly speak at conferences and seminars on the subject of labour law and I am author of many articles published  in specialised legal journals.


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