Partner – Labour Law 

I am a Supreme Court Certified Lawyer, specializing in labor and union law and social security law.

I am also a full professor of labor and social security law at the Faculty of Economics of the Università di Roma  “La Sapienza”.

In particular, my activity is focused on supporting companies in the management of all aspects of employer-employee relationships, from the moment of their establishment to their termination, and on supporting clients in the case of the need for revisions of organizational structures.

Along with my team, I have assisted many companies in extraordinary transactions, such as business disposals and mergers, dealing with all the labor and social security aspects involved in such processes.

Our clients are assisted, where necessary, in ordinary litigation, as well as before higher jurisdictions.

In addition, I have gained extensive experience on public and private welfare issues, assisting several companies in the preparation and management of corporate, group or category welfare plans.

I have been the author of many publications on social security, labor and trade union issues.

I was a member and deputy deputy chairman of the Vigilance Commission on Pension Funds (Covip) and a member of the Court of Auditors.


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