Partner – Labour Law 

I have over twenty years’ experience in labour law, assisting Italian and foreign companies active in many sectors, including industrial, health care and public, chemical and pharmaceutical, large-scale retail, IT and energy, in all aspects of labor relations and personnel management, at the individual and collective level, as well as in the management of union negotiations and company negotiations in reorganization and restructuring processes and business transfers.

I also provide support in the operational conduct of situations of impending and immediate criticality, in all the most important branches of labor law, through counseling, both ordinary and strategic, always aimed at finding and building the most practical solutions for companies.

I have developed extensive expertise in litigation, including emergency litigation, of Italian labor law, advocating before all the Italian Courts and before the Supreme Courts, in the areas of subordinate employment, executives, agency, self-employment, administrative sanctions from INPS and ITL assessment reports and/or charge notices, dismissals, mobbing, chenges of duties, job changes, Occupational Health and Safety Consolidation Act, higher qualification claims, compensation for biological damage and damage to professionalism, transfers and salary differences.

I have been a member of the AGI – Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani (Italian Employment Lawyers Association) since 2006.

I am a speaker at conventions, webinar and seminars on labour law.


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