Antonio Candotti

Partner and Head – ESG Strategy & Accounting 

My clients include large, medium and small, listed and non-listed, companies operating in various sectors.

I analyse corporate risks, both for the implementation of internal control systems and for the adoption of governance models and compliance programmes in accordance with Law 231/01. I am a chairman/member of many Supervisory Bodies under Law 231/01. I perform internal audit activities, also acting as a “pro tempore manager”.

I have over 20 years of experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. My expertise includes supporting companies in analyzing and strategically managing the social and environmental impact of their supply chains, as well as assisting with communication processes, with a particular focus on sustainability reports. Currently, I help companies analyze and manage ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues, and their impacts on strategy, corporate management, and reporting.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I spent more than twenty years at one of the “Big Four” accountancy firms where I dealt initially with audit and internal organisation and control and later worked as an Associate Partner specialising in compliance, risk management and sustainability. I then set up my own firm. 

I am a Certified Public Accountant and Statutory Auditor and have been a speaker at many meetings, workshops and master courses. 

I was a member of the “Sustainability and Corporate Reporting” Commission of the Register of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts and have been Chairman of the “Anti-money laundering and Legislative Decree 231/01” Commission of the Register of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts of Bergamo since February 2017. I have also worked as an expert in “Business Ethics and Social Impact” at the University of Bergamo.


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