Manager – Administrative Law 

I am specialised in Administrative Law, with reference, in particular, to public entities regulation, urban planning and construction law, transparency and antibribery, public contracts and concessions, local public services and administrative procedures.

I assist both private and public entities in all the Administrative Law related issues.

I also assist leading national and foreign operators in real estate transactions (both asset deals and share deals), in urban regeneration projects, remediation activities and greenfield operations.

I have a strong expertise in transparency, antibribery and conflict of interest regulation and I assist public entities and publicly controlled companies in this regard.

I graduated summa cum Laude in Law, in 2006, and I passed my Ph.D. in “Italian, European and Transnational Constitutional Studies”, in 2014, from the University of Genoa.

I am a member of the Bar Association of Genoa since 2009.


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