Partner – Corporate Law and M&A 

I have practiced Law in Turin, Italy, for more than thirty years.

I graduated when I was 23 and started working in my father’s law firm. My father was also the son of a lawyer and it was he who taught me to love this profession, to observe its ethical principles, to always act in the interest of the client and to respect one’s colleagues.

In 1997, with my brother Renato, I founded my own law firm; the firm practiced very successfully, both in civil and criminal law.

At the beginning of 2004, I became a partner at one of Turin’s leading law firms. In 2017 I left to join WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy).

In the meantime, I qualified to practice before the Italian higher courts.

My expertise is in commercial and corporate law, specializing mainly in contractual transactions and extraordinary company restructuring operations; I also practice in the field of real estate and in civil and commercial litigation.

I have been a speaker at numerous conferences and teacher training courses; from 2013 to 2016 I was the coordinator for the civil component of the Forensic School, the preparation course for the State qualifying examination for the profession organized by the Turin Bar Association.

I have also been the Chairman and member of the committee for the State exam for enrolment on the register of lawyers.


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