Senior Counsel – Corporate Law and M&A 

With over 25 years of experience in corporate and commercial law in the international environment, I advise multinational Italian corporations and their foreign subsidiaries as well as foreign companies who do, or want to do, business in Italy. 

My clients come from a wide range of sectors, for example: industrial plant; food and beverages; energy; automotive; electronics, luxury brands, fashion. What they have in common is international business, which means that my working day often follows the Earth’s rotation cycle; so a typical day can find me and the team evaluating strategy with Indian or Chinese subsidiaries by video conference early morning, attending midday meetings with clients in Bologna or Milan on an R&D deal, closing a supply contract with NY in the evening. I am British so naturally, English is my mother-tongue. I am fluent in Italian. 

My main focus is on: i) M&A and managing complex, international operations – from the early planning phase, through the negotiations and contract execution up to tidying up the post deal issues; ii) providing advices and opinions on transborder legal issues; iii) international disputes – this includes evaluating the viable out-of-court solutions as well as managing the case for corporations which: i) commence legal proceedings abroad to protect their interests or ii) have been sued abroad and need to defend themselves. I have personally attended various mediations (for example in UK, California, Miami) which closed the dispute in very favourable terms for our Italian client companies.

Areas of expertise include: Contracts for turnkey industrial plant or key equipment; intellectual property/technology/know-how licensing; cloud service agreements; Artificial Intelligence; personalised contractual conditions and warranties; letters of credit; performance bonds; R&D agreements; settlement agreements; set up of overseas companies and joint ventures; strategic analysis of law and venue clauses in the international contract.

On a regular basis I am asked to assist Italian managers in co-writing their key English language communications (in commercial language but with an eye on any underlying legal consequences) for corporate internal or external use, so as to maximise their time

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