Senior Counsel – Litigation and Arbitration 

I am a Civil Lawyer, specialized in banking law, responsible for the Massive Litigation Debt Recovery team.

I provide consultancy and assistance to leading Italian companies in all phases of credit evaluation and I am an expert in the management of massive litigation (both active and passive), in the banking and financial area (with particular expertise in the field of compound interest, banking transparency and law. anti-usury and in disputes relating to the circulation of credit
instruments and contractual guarantee relationships).

I assist clients in mediation and assisted negotiation procedures, in all judicial and extrajudicial phases of credit recovery.

I provide legal assistance in the extrajudicial field, directing clients (companies, individuals, public bodies, social security institutions, etc.) to settlement solutions in the field of civil law and formulating legal opinions regarding the recoverability of the credit or its write-off and /or aimed at identifying the most suitable defensive strategy while also evaluating the opportunity to take legal action.

I am also an expert in real estate and securities enforcement procedures, which I follow in every phase.

I deal with the evaluation, individual management, extrajudicial and judicial recovery of credits, with particular attention to
mortgage and land loans, bank credits, consumer credits and leasing.


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