Senior Counsel –¬† VAT & Customs¬†

I specialize in VAT. I have a decades of consulting experience providing specialized assistance on VAT issues of specific interest: contracting, international trade, energy sector, oil & gas, publishing, travel agencies, real estate, shipping and other, sectors and cases, where high expertise in VAT is required.   

I follow the delicate activity of affixing Conformity Visa on VAT credits resulting from annual (Annual VAT Form) and quarterly (TR Form) VAT returns.

I carry out VAT Due Diligence activities during M&A and transfer of VAT receivables. 

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I have worked as a Tax expert for a firm associated with one of the “Big Four” and other major Italian firms, in addition to my private practice.

I have been a publicist and speaker in the subjects where I specialize.


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