Partner – Head of Agency, Distribution & Franchising 

I am a civil lawyer and I have been building up my capabilities in consultancy and litigation in distribution law matters, focusing specifically on agency and distribution contracts, since the early ‘90s. In this field, I provide professional support to national and multinational, medium to large enterprises, operating in the publishing, mechanical, automotive and food sectors. I also have extensive experience in unfair competition issues and protection of intellectual property rights.

In the insurance sector, in addition to litigation between companies and agents, I also have experience in litigation arising from various insurance policy contracts.

I have been a member of the Bar since 1990 and have been a Supreme Court lawyer since January 2003.

I have acted on national and international arbitration panels, both in Italian and in English.

Having been a professional sportsman, over time I redirected my passion for competition towards sports law, being appointed as a member of the boards of a number of national and international bodies and providing advice on institutional issues such as drafting and revising federal statutes and regulations, and in-house sports trials. I am an arbitrator on the Italian Football Pro League panel.

In my professional activity, I analyse the specific issues raised by my clients as well as the company’s overall needs, prioritising good client relationships and quick responses to their requests.

I started my career at my family’s law firm, established before the unification of Italy; I then became a partner at a law firm in Turin renowned for its intellectual property practice, where I worked for sixteen years; for the next seven years I was a partner at another leading law firm in Turin, with extensive experience in all fields of civil law, before finally joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy).


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