Senior Counsel – Data Protection & Privacy 

I have extensive experience in data protection legal advice, as well as in compliance and litigation matters and on issues related to new technologies and business agreements (domestic and international), also holding the role of Data Protection Officer.

I am certified as “Data Protection Officer – UNI 11697:2017”. 

I have gained experience for leading Italian and multinational companies, from many sectors such as industry, banking, insurance, fashion as well as Local Authorities and Public Administrations.

I assist primary Italian and international companies in compliance and litigation matters, as well as on issues related to new technologies and commercial agreements (national and international),

Our clients (primary Italian and international companies) operate in many sectors, including: automotive, aviation, transportation, life sciences and healthcare, insurance, artificial intelligence, online service providers, as well as local authorities and public administrations.

I am a speaker at conferences and workshops.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy), I worked in leading Italian law firms.


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