Senior Counsel – Labour Law 

Specialization in labour law is complemented by direct experience in Agency and commercial distribution and publishing law. In these matters I assist, including judicially, companies in the engineering, IT, publishing, and service industries, as well as in-house companies with public participation. I also advise on behalf of management levels and apical workers in general. 

I graduated in law from the University of Turin with honors, have been practicing law since 2001, registered in the Bar since 2004 and most recently in the roll of lawyers qualified for the higher courts. 

I have been an external member of Commissions established at the Council of the Bar of Turin, as well as a speaker at conferences organized by the same Bar. I am a member of AGI – Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani (Italian Employment Lawyers Association). 

The professional experience gained over the years in different areas, changing in prerogatives and needs, allows me to deal with the cases submitted to my attention by combining concreteness and in-depth doctrinal and jurisprudential study.

Articles Written

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