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Partner – Corporate Law and M&A 

I am Partner since 2017 and I combine my professional experience in providing legal assistance and consultancy to national and multinational enterprises with my academic activity in the area of European Competition Law and International Private Law.

I am a Full Professor of European Union Law, currently lecturing on Internal Market and Competition Law and European Union Law at the Università di Milano.

After graduating in Political Science at Università di Pavia and in Law at Università di Milano and I obtained a Diploma in Legal Studies at Cambridge University.

During over 30 years of experience as a Professor, I held various courses, workshops and conventions, in Italy and abroad, while conducting academic researches that have resulted in more than a hundred publications. Currently, I am member of a number of academic journal committees and I am the director of the European Documentation Centre of at the Università di Milano.

In my career I have gained a significant experience as a lawyer and before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy), I was the Founding Partner and later, for several years, Managing Partner of the legal department of a major Italian legal and tax firm.

I am qualified to practice as a lawyer and admitted to practicing before the Italian Supreme Court. I am registered at the Bar of Milan and I am also a qualified auditor.
I advised several public institutions, being appointed also as Chairman of the legislative committee of the Regional Government of Lombardy and acting as a member of such committee for two legislative terms. I also work as a member of various study commissions either at regional and national levels.

I mainly advise clients operating in the financial, insurance, energy and industry sectors.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors of major corporate enterprises operating in the financial, insurance and commercial sectors as well as member of the Board of Statutory Auditors and Supervisory Bodies. 

Currently, I am the Chairman and/or a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of large enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector. 

I have been acting also as a receiver of branches of primary international banks and insurances operating in Italy.

I have gained a relevant experience in litigation, both matter of substance and in point of law, and arbitration proceedings, in which I acted as an arbitrator on behalf of Public administrations and Italian and multinational enterprises operating in the industrial, commercial and financial sectors. I assisted Public authorities and private companies before Regulatory Authorities and Administrative Courts with reference to Competition and State Aid disputes. Regarding the said subjects, 

I also assisted my clients before the European Commission and the European Court of Justice.

I specialized in corporate and commercial law, with particular focus on M&A and extraordinary corporate transactions, advising also on the relevant aspects of Competition law and in international aspects of the transactions.

On the basis of the experience gained in the economic and financial sector, particularly as a result of my activity as registered auditor, I regularly focus also on the tax and financial statements issues of the transactions, including with regard to transactions that are connected or made in the context of corporate restructurings, debt restructurings or other activities that may affect the continuity of the business.


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