Partner – Labour Law 

I have gained over twenty years of experience in Labour and Social Security consultancy for businesses, trade associations, social security institutions, supplementary pension funds, supplementary health funds in Labour and Social Security Law, Corporate Law and governance issues and, in particular, in carrying out the following activities.

In particular, I am expert in management of the employment relationship (assistance in choosing the type of contract, in the correct establishment of employment relationships, including international ones, and in the drafting of specific clauses, duties, disciplinary power, individual and collective dismissals); management of international working relationships; labour and social security litigation; due diligence; opinion-making.

I am also expert in mandatory public and private social security as well as in supplementary pension funds and integrative healthcare, focusing on assistance in the constitution phase; drafting of Statutes and Regulations, assistance in merger and liquidation procedures; management of relationships with COVIP; assistance in judicial and extrajudicial litigation; opinion.

I am a speaker at conferences and courses, and author of numerous publications on Labour Law and Social security.

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy), I was Senior Counsel in the Labor Law and Social Security Department at a Big Four law firm for seven years, in a US law firm for three years and in a UK law firm for eight years.


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