Partner – Head of Tax Disputes, Tax Disputes Resolution

I am a Chartered Accountant and I have vast experience in managing tax disputes on both domestic and international taxation issues, transfer
pricing, mergers, evasive operations, VAT and other indirect taxes.

I represent my clients both during audits and controls by the tax authorities and in negotiations with the Revenues Agency as part of procedures to settle tax disputes by way of amicable and arbitration settlement and conciliatory procedures. 

I am authorised to represent taxpayers before the tax commissions and I represent our clients in tax litigation procedures.

I have in-depth professional experience on business taxation and tax planning as part of company acquisition and restructuring operations accrued in the conduct of consultancy activity.

I perform my activity both in favour of national and international companies and for individuals.

I am a statutory accounts auditors and member of the supervisory body (Board of Auditors) of many Italian corporations.


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