Partner – Head of Criminal Law 

My activity includes a specific focus on economic criminal law. Alongside my professional work, I am also involved in academia.

I am an Associate Professor of Criminal Law at Università di Parma and I have been a lecturer for over 15 years at the Academy of the Guardia di Finanza in Bergamo. 

I specialize in the legal defence of administrators and executives of leading national and multinational companies in the industrial, commercial, financial, pharmaceutical, organized retail, fashion, banking and insurance sectors in relation to various types of crimes that may involve the enterprise, such as corporate, tax, financial and bankruptcy offences. 

In recent years I have frequently defended companies involved in legal proceedings for liability for offences under Legislative Decree no. 231/01. Furthermore, I have significant experience in offences related to workplace safety and environmental criminal law. 

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy), I had an extensive professional career and was the owner of a law firm for over ten years. 

As an expert in corporate criminal law issues, I also serve as chairman on several supervisory bodies under Legislative Decree no. 231/01. 

I am the author of numerous publications on corporate criminal law and the “criminal” liability of companies, and have been a speaker at numerous conferences, masterclasses and training schools on these topics. 

I am a Supreme Court lawyer registered with the Milan Bar Association. 


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