Senior Counsel – Corporate Tax 

I am a certified public accountant. I provide assistance in drafting the financial statements, processing interim situations, determining budget ratios, tax planning and calculating direct taxes, as well as in the context of corporate reorganization operations such as mergers, splits, contributions in kind, transfers of company branches, supporting the client in the preparation of all the necessary corporate documents.

I also assist companies in M&A processes, due diligence assistance, supporting the company in negotiation activities with the counterparty.

I have gained decades of experience in drafting valuation and contribution reports within different business sectors.
I have also gained experience in the field of financial intermediaries having held top positions in consumer credit companies and banks in recent years.

I have been and I am still a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors (in some as Chairman) of several companies.

Before joining WST, I practiced as a self-employed accountant within an associated firm in which I was a partner.


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