Senior Counsel – Corporate Law and M&A 

I am and Responsible for the German Desk at WST.

My Unique Selling Proposition is the deep knowledge of company needs from a proved multicultural background approach (Italy, Germany, Swiss and Spain).

As Responsible for the “German-Desk“ in WST I perform consultancy and assistance mainly for small and midsized companies in all sectors with German speaking parent company (from Germany, Austria, Switzerland) on all legal and fiscal matters by involving the expert colleagues within the Firm and if needed coordinating between our Firm and the client’s structures.

I earned my 25 years professional experience as general counsel, business-lawyer and sales-responsible in international companies and consultancy firms. 

Before joining WST (formerly Fieldfisher Italy) I worked for six years as General Counsel in Heinz-Food Company, where I attained a high awareness on Anglo-Saxon and Continental Europe business approaches.

I am a German Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) admitted to the German BAR –Lawyers Chamber in Frankfort since 1992. 

I gained a PhD at the Mainz University on “The Liability of International Organizations”.


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