Partner – Head of Business Plan & Valuation 

During my professional career I have gained considerable experience in support in the preparation of business and financial plans, independent business reviews, valuations and appraisals of companies, shares in companies, intangible assets, purchase price allocations and fairness opinions. In this context, I have advised on the monitoring of appropriate organisational, administrative, and accounting structures within companies.

I have extensive professional experience in handling extraordinary transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and group reorganizations. Additionally, I possess significant and extensive experience serving as an auditor, chairman, and/or board member of the board for various capital companies, including public entities.

My clients are national and international companies, public and private entities, in the industrial (manufacturing and electronics) and services (technology and multi-utilities) sectors. I have worked on startup projects, horizontal and vertical mergers, restructurings and external growth projects of industrial and service companies.

In working with clients, attention is focused on their needs and technical expertise is made available to share strategic objectives, values and business ethics. The professional approach is flexible, with the ability to adapt to the dynamic factors of the competitive environment and the client’s strategy.

For more than 15 years I was an Adjunct Professor of Economics and Industrial Economics at the Faculty of Economics of Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

I have published numerous articles in academic journals on economic and industrial policy issues.

I have been a member of ministerial commissions as a technician and a councillor in the Province of Venice and the Municipality of Venice.

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