Agency, Distribution
& Franchising

The effective distribution of products and services presupposes a capillary network, which intercepts market demands and appropriately stimulates consumption.

In the interest of our Clients we are able to design the contractual structure of each type of distribution network, declined in franchise agreements, sales concession or agency for both the national and international territory.

Thanks to the twenty-year experience gained in the field we are able to support in court, before the ordinary courts, the Labour Judge and the higher jurisdictions, any type of application arising from these reports.

Within the Agency, for each market sector, the in-depth knowledge of the Collective Economic Agreements, combined with long trial experience, allows our professionals to provide advice and defense in every aspect of the relationship.

The Sales Concession, in addition to a wide knowledge of the national institute, must take into account the European reference legislation, which requires constant monitoring of exemptions granted under Article of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Franchising is one of the most agile ways of spreading brands and products, and often requires knowledge and coordination with various international realities to which WST is able to respond thanks to its extensive network of best friendships.

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