Data Protection
& Privacy

In an ever-changing legal landscape, the protection of personal data has emerged as an important multidisciplinary practice. 

The advent of new post-GDPR European regulations, such as the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, the Digital Market Act, the Digital Service Act, has launched this area into the heart of the legal and technological challenges of our time.

This continuous evolution has changed the needs of the market and the scope of legal assistance, which is increasingly now a “new technology law.”

Clients, for their peculiarities, require an understanding of their specific needs in order to define a GDPR compliance framework that is truly suitable for each unique business model and, thus, accountable as required by the regulation.

We provide clients with in-depth legal analysis on issues related to database protection, data mining, big data and predictive analytics, profiling and automated decision-making, employee monitoring, whistleblowing, geolocation, personal data transfers, data breach management, and privacy litigation.

We also combine data protection know-how with Labor, ESG, IP/IT, M&A and Tech expertise to provide integrated assistance to our clients operating in all sectors, including public sectors.

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