Energy & Environmental Law

The world of energy is one of the most dynamic, complex and constantly evolving markets.

Operating in this sector requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms that regulate it, the regulatory framework, and in addition requires constant updating.

At WST, we believe that the best approach to deal with this dynamic is a multidisciplinary one. 

In fact, the professionals of the Energy & Environmental department have acquired interdisciplinary experience in many aspects of the energy sector and maintain continuous interaction with the different areas of the firm, so they ensure all-encompassing, cross-disciplinary assistance to clients operating in or dealing with issues in that field. 

Our professionals have a proven track record in all energy sub-sectors, providing a wide range of specialized legal services. These sectors include gas, regasification and SSLNG, hydrogen, self-consumption and energy communities, energy exchange agreements, energy efficiency and renewable energies.

In the gas sector, we offer legal advice on issues related to the production, transportation, distribution, and commercialization of natural gas, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting the interests of our clients. We specialize in the regulation and transactions related to the regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its transportation and distribution through the cold chain, including the sector of Liquefied Natural Gas in liquid form (SSLNG).

In the emerging hydrogen sector, we provide legal advice on the production, storage, transportation, and use of hydrogen, which is rising as a clean and sustainable energy source.

We specialize in providing legal advice on energy self-consumption practices and energy communities, promoting the participation of citizens and local communities in energy production and use.

We offer legal assistance in negotiating and drafting energy exchange agreements, enabling parties to exchange electricity or other energy services in an efficient and transparent manner. 

We are experts in the renewable energy sector and provide legal advice on solar, wind, hydropower and other renewable energy projects, assisting our clients throughout the entire life cycle of projects, from planning to implementation and operation.
In addition, we have a fair amount of experience in assisting with the implementation of Energy Community projects, as well as private network configurations and in the contractualization of relationships between producers from renewable sources and energy consumers, including in aggregate, with PPA contractual forms, both physical and virtual..

The client benefits from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and effective service. Furthermore, the dense network of international alliances and best firendships allows us to optimally manage even complex transactions of a transnational nature, ensuring coordinated and global assistance to our clients (public administration, small and medium-sized enterprises, industries, service companies, investment funds) as well as the proposition and definition of the best solutions according to the regulations and local economies of the countries of reference.



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