Patent Box - R&D - New Investment Tax Credit

In the increasingly competitive global economic landscape, companies are constantly seeking tax advantages and incentives to stimulate innovation, promote the development of intellectual property, and foster business growth. In this scenario, programs such as the Patent Box, Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, and the New Investment Tax Credit play a crucial role. These incentives offer companies unique opportunities to reduce tax burdens, incentivize investments in research and development, and enhance competitiveness in the market through innovation valorization and intellectual property protection.

At WST, we offer comprehensive services to assist companies in maximizing tax benefits and fostering innovation through the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit regime, the Patent Box incentive, and the New Investment Tax Credit.

Our team specialises in navigating the complexities of the R&D tax credit regime, ensuring that your company can fully leverage its benefits. Companies engaged in fundamental research, industrial research, and experimental development are entitled to obtain a tax credit on eligible costs incurred, encompassing wages for R&D staff, materials, utilities, and R&D software expenses. This regime offers several advantages, including reduced tax liability, enhancing your company’s cash flow,
encouraging innovation by making R&D activities more financially viable, and providing a competitive advantage through reinvestment of savings into further innovation, thereby gaining an edge in the industry.

We offer expertise in the Patent Box incentive, aimed at incentivizing companies to develop and preserve intellectual property. This initiative provides a deduction for R&D costs associated with legally protectable intangible assets, such as patents, copyrights, and designs. The Patent Box regime offers significant benefits, including reduced tax rates with a super deduction of R&D costs for intangible assets up to 110% sustained in the current and previous eight years. Moreover, it stimulates
innovation by fostering sustained investment in R&D, resulting in the development of new patents and intellectual property that drive business growth and innovation.
Additionally, it enhances competitiveness by providing financial rewards for patent development and utilization, encouraging businesses to safeguard their inventions and effectively leverage their IP assets.

We also assist clients under the New Investment Tax Credit with the aim of stimulating investment and economic growth. This credit provides a deduction against corporate income tax for qualifying investments in new tangible and intangible assets,
encouraging companies to expand operations, upgrade infrastructure, and adopt new technologies.

Our highly specialised team provides effective support in analysing opportunities related to intellectual property and investment tax credits to maximize tax benefits.
We ensure compliance with national legislative provisions, protecting your company from tax penalties and disputes. Trust us to safeguard your financial interests, promote innovation, and enhance your company’s competitiveness.



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