Tax Control

Tax risk management is playing an increasingly important role in corporate governance. The Tax Control Framework is an internal tax risk control system that provides for the monitoring, supervision and assessment of tax risk and provides access to a more direct relationship with the Italian tax authorities and certain significant benefits.

At WST, our team has gained significant experience in assisting companies in adopting Tax Control Framework models tailored to the client, supporting them in implementing a tax risk control system that can be adapted according to the needs and resources of its organization.

To this end, we have developed specific digital skills to support clients in identifying and implementing technologies best suited to the tax function, through the adoption of solutions to facilitate controls and speed up related processes.

An effective Tax Control Framework increases the level of tax certainty, through an advance dialogue with the Italian tax authorities and the anticipated control, reducing litigation and unforeseen disputes, with savings in terms of penalties and the tax function’s commitment and, ultimately, with the creation of value for stakeholders.

The solution proposed by WST is articulated in phases aimed at putting the client in a position to detect and adopt adequate organizational and control measures to mitigate tax risks, as well as to benefit from the related advantages in terms of assessment and reduction of penalties, with a minimum impact on the organization.



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