Real Estate

The real estate market presents a multifaceted arena where legal expertise is paramount. As a cornerstone of economic activity, it requires intricate legal and tax navigation to ensure transactions proceed smoothly and securely.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and its dynamics is fundamental to offering added value to our clients’ business and, in a complex global market, a multi-disciplinary approach is essential.

Efficiency, speed and attention to detail are the strengths on which WST’s multidisciplinary teams are based. In fact, we operate in all areas of the real estate market and offer assistance to various players, including regulated entities, at every stage of every transaction and in the ordinary management of relations with counterparties.

We help our clients to actively manage their real estate interests and support their strategies with appropriate legal arrangements. We work with our clients right from the outset of any project in order to correctly and adequately plan the legal and tax structure of the transaction, to prevent any problems and avoid potential litigation.



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