In a world increasingly complex, with laws constantly evolving and markets changing rapidly, having specialized legal consultants in criminal law becomes essential.

The complexity of the economic environment requires specialized skills to address legal challenges, making the support of highly qualified and up-to-date professionals important.

Thanks to the extensive experience gained by the lawyers in our team, we are specialists in providing the best possible assistance to both individuals and legal entities, dedicating particular attention and sensitivity to the various defence strategies to be implemented, also and especially from the perspective of “risk-crime” prevention.

From out-of-court counseling and pareristics to defensive investigations, including preventive ones, to trial proceedings, we work alongside and support our clients with seriousness and confidentiality. The professionals at our firm boast significant technical expertise in defending against corporate, financial, tax and bankruptcy offences, as well as crimes against property and public administration.

Other areas of specific interest in which we have long-standing experience defending leading national and multinational companies include environmental and workplace safety.

Our defence assistance includes representing companies accused of liability under Legislative Decree 231/01, also thanks to the positions our lawyers have held on the supervisory bodies of leading companies over the years, which have allowed us to thoroughly examine and refine the substantive and procedural aspects of this specific sector.

Thanks to our ability to integrate the varied and high-level specialized expertise of other professional fields offered by our firm (e.g., tax, corporate, regulatory, customs, etc.), we are able to provide comprehensive and focused technical assistance in all aspects of legal proceedings.

People of the Criminal Law Department


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