& Financial Corporate Tax

Companies operating in the insurance and financial sector are aware of the critical role the tax variable represents both in structuring products offered to customers and in managing their business risk.

The specific characteristics of highly regulated sectors significantly influence operators’ choices, even in tax matters, and impact opportunities for tax optimization.

Our professionals have significant experience in the taxation of the insurance, banking and financial sectors. Thanks to their high degree of specialization and the integration of skills, they can guarantee clients receive tailored solutions in managing tax compliance, also deriving from the application of IAS/IFRS principles, providing direct and indirect tax advice on both current ordinary management and extraordinary business reorganisation operations, as well as on product taxation.

The integration of these skills with those of our experts in cross-border tax, transfer pricing, VAT, tax litigation, regulatory legal matters and corporate governance makes the Firm the preferred partner for companies in the sector, throughout the area of corporate taxation.

People of the Insurance & Financial Corporate Tax Department


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