Administrative Law

In the complex landscape of global legal systems, Public Law emerges as a fundamental pillar, governing the relationships between individuals and state authorities and regulating the functioning of governmental institutions. This branch of law encompasses a wide range of areas, including constitutional, administrative, and criminal law, each with its own crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of modern societies.

At WST, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality legal assistance, assisting them in legal proceedings before the administrative courts, at all levels of justice.

Our lawyers have significant experience in the field of public procurement, particularly with respect to the tendering and awarding of public works, supply and service contracts, and concession contracts, including the selection of contractors, and are able to provide assistance to public and private entities and publicly held entities.

We advise in the public utilities and regulated sectors, including in transactions involving the acquisition or disposal of companies and plants producing electricity (with particular attention to renewable energy), gas or otherwise characterized by high profiles, where the multidisciplinary nature of our professionals and teamwork contribute to the resolution of complex issues.

Our extensive experience in public utilities and regulated sectors, including the electricity and gas markets, both in production and distribution activities, enables us to advise on all legal, administrative and fiscal aspects involved in these markets.

Also in the field of real estate and environmental law, as well as land use planning, the professionalism and knowledge we have acquired place us in a prominent position in assisting public and private entities, and in this case real estate-related interventions.

Ultimately, the integration of services in the areas of Administrative Law, Energy and Environmental Law, Real Estate, underscores our commitment to providing legal solutions also in that field, enabling us to address the diverse needs of our clients. 

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