The current economic and business context is characterized by constant evolution and increasing complexity. Companies often find themselves facing organizational and financial challenges that require a timely and targeted response.

The Restructuring Department of WST is committed to providing expert support to companies, financial institutions, and investors during periods of change and organizational challenges.

Our team of specialists is dedicated to collaborating with clients to identify and implement targeted restructuring strategies aimed at improving the economic, financial, and asset balance of your company.

We focus on developing development and restructuring plans that take into account your specific needs and ensure optimal allocation of resources and efficient management of business operations.

We offer consultancy and support for managing investment operations in special situations, such as Distressed Funds and Turnaround Funds, with the aim of maximizing value for both companies and investors.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of restructuring, integrating legal, tax, and financial expertise to ensure comprehensive solutions that comply with current regulations.

People of the Restructuring department


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