Tax Dispute,
Tax Dispute Resolution

Navigating through intricate tax regulations, domestic and international, can pose a significant challenge for both businesses and individuals. Tax regulations are often dense and intricate, characterized by constant evolution and a variety of interpretations that can lead to confusion and uncertainty, enhancing the risk of entering into disputes with the Tax Authority.

We assist companies and individuals during tax audits and tax disputes. Our clients can count on the consolidated experience of our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and chartered accountants specialized in tax matters, admitted to represent the taxpayers before the Tax Courts, the Supreme Court, and the EU Court of Justice.

We assist our clients in dealing with the tax authority starting from the audit phase, ensuring that their rights are duly protected and providing estimates of the related tax and criminal risks.

Our approach is aimed at helping clients find the best strategy in facing tax claims, either by choosing and implementing the most appropriate settlement procedure or by assisting and representing them before the Tax Courts.

The team also specialises in transfer pricing and international tax matters disputes, both in and out of court, including dispute resolution and international arbitration proceedings involving tax authorities from different States.

We also assist our clients in applying for tax rulings aimed at identifying the correct tax treatment of complex transactions and for the purposes of the General anti avoidance rule (GAAR).

We also provide specialized tax advice and assistance to criminal lawyers in disputes which may take relevance as criminal offences.



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