Cross-Border Tax

Managing international activities and operations is often complicated due to differences between tax and legal systems and the ways in which different tax authorities apply them. We cut through the red tape to help clients find the most commercial and cost-effective tax results.

At WST, we support foreign investors looking to establish or consolidate their presence in Italy, as well as Italian companies seeking to expand or strengthen their operations abroad. We strive to identify customized solutions that take into account the unique needs of each client.

In particular, we focus on facilitating the internationalization process for Italian companies by thoroughly analyzing the tax implications associated with the countries in which they intend to operate. We assist foreign investors in navigating the complexities of Italian tax regulations and understanding how they intersect with the tax systems of their home countries. We provide guidance and support for acquisitions and corporate restructuring efforts, which may have implications at both national and international levels. Additionally, we conduct comprehensive assessments of the tax implications related to key intercompany transactions, such as dividends, interest payments, and royalties.

Our collaborative approach is seamlessly integrated with the broad service offerings of our company, enabling us to provide holistic 360-degree solutions that address all aspects of our clients’ tax concerns.



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