Government and Public Sector

The complexity of this sector lies in the need for continuous modernization and growth due to advances in technology and new ways of thinking. We are a creative law firm, offering new and original solutions to these challenges.

WST has been a trusted consultant for the public sector for more than 20 years.
This is why public bodies come to us when they need advice on cutting-edge and mission-critical projects. We provide an imaginative approach combined with a deep understanding of the values and problems of the public sector.

We develop new approaches that deliver more effective services to maximize the benefits and dynamism of public services. We help clients move from large individual providers to multi-supplier sourcing which provides better value for money and also help them move to cloud-based services to improve service delivery.

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Public Law

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Health and safety in the workplace and environment protection

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Patent Box, R&D, New Investments Tax Credit

Tax Disputes, Tax Disputes Resolution

Insurance and Financial Corporate Tax

Tax Control Framework

Business Plan & Valuation

Global Mobility Tax

Analysis and processes’ reengineering

Support in the set up of management and accounting ERP

General Ledger, VAT

E-invoicing services

Fixed assets management

Controlling & Reporting (cost accounting, budget, cost control)

Consolidated and local Financial Statements

Minor tax fulfilments (Intrastat, Periodical VAT returns, CU,)

Payroll accounting

Special Consultancy (IAS – IFRS, IAS 19)

Administrative Back-office

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