Tax M&A -
Tax Due Diligence

The ongoing evolution of the private equity markets and the significant increase in opportunities to develop business growth make the search for multidisciplinary expertise increasingly strategic, as does the advice of a professional who can guide on finding the best structure to create value on the long term, not only from a tax perspective, and take the opportunities offered by the market.

At WST, our team provides assistance to companies, multinational groups and investment funds in acquisition, merger, demerger, contribution, capital increases, asset disposals, transformations, corporate reorganization and refinancing transactions.

Our professionals boast extensive experience in the field of extraordinary transactions and have developed expertise in the direct and indirect taxation thereof, in identifying and defining the most efficient investment structures, both domestically and internationally, as well as in national and international tax planning. 

In addition, our team has also developed specific expertise in providing tax assistance in the field of private equity transactions, tax due diligence, listing processes, corporate reorganisation and the implementation of incentive and carried interest schemes for managers. 

All types of investors, from private equity funds to private individuals, require an understanding of their specific needs, a multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of the legal and tax implications. 

We provide clients with in-depth, tailor-made legal and tax analysis, built around their projects, along with complete tax expertise.




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