Risk & Compliance
and ESG

Every day companies face market uncertainties that can represent either a risk or an opportunity for growth and development, depending on how they are tackled.

A correct and comprehensive approach to corporate governance, risk management, compliance an ESG enables a company to improve its ability to create value for its stakeholders.

At WST, we are able to provide support to clients (small, medium and large companies, from all business sectors, including listed companies) in the management, control and running of the company, combining a wide range of specialist skills with an overview and understanding of the critical company variables.

Furthermore, in the banking, finance and insurance sectors, compliance and governance play an even greater role than in industrial companies, given the regulatory requirements imposed by Supervisory Authorities. 

Clients’ needs are met through practical responses and active participation in the implementation and management of the proposed solutions.

We aim to meet all clients’ needs and demands in this field by providing strategic advice in the following:

People of the Risk & Compliance and ESG department


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