Regulatory Compliance

Over the past few years, the complex regulatory framework within which organizations operate has evolved and expanded rapidly, posing continuous challenges in managing non-compliance risks and adhering to increasingly intricate, stringent and sometimes uncoordinated domestic and international regulations. Failure to comply can result in both punitive and reputational impacts.

The challenge for organizations and their respective functions is increasingly focused on designing, implementing and updating effective and efficient control systems capable of ensuring compliance that is integrated with operational processes and risk management, avoiding redundancies and dangerous duplications while effectively balancing compliance objectives with performance goals.

Thanks to specific expertise in individual practices, our professionals assist companies in assessing the main compliance issues affecting the organization (including at “Group” level) and provide support in designing, adapting and implementing specific compliance programs for each relevant issue.

WST has also developed an integrated approach, adopting a risk-based perspective, to assessing and managing various compliance issues that may concern organizations (both nationally and internationally). The objective is to ensure a coherent and unified overview by integrating and rationalizing existing risks and controls within the company’s processes.

People of the Regulatory Compliance Department


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