Business Plan
& Valuation

Every organization confronting complex competition needs effective management tools and top-notch corporate consulting services. Business and economic-financial planning are vital for successful entrepreneurship, aiding internal organization and external stakeholder communication. Additionally, company and asset valuation is crucial for sound financial and strategic decision-making amidst evolving market dynamics.

At WST, we offer a thorough evaluation of the company and its specific assets using advanced methodologies and in-depth analysis.

Additionally, we collaborate with clients to develop detailed and well-structured business plans to outline business strategies and financial objectives.

The Valuation team provides comprehensive consultancy in identifying value drivers and key parameters, applying evaluative methodologies and advanced simulation techniques for sensitivity analysis, with an aim to consider the results of sectoral economic analysis.

Furthermore, we actively integrate our services with specialized teams in Corporate Law, M&A, and Restructuring to provide comprehensive and integrated support as per our model.

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