Labour Law

We are currently experiencing a period of constant evolution in regulatory and constitutional matters, aimed at flexibility and competitiveness, in which it is crucial to have expertise not only in the area of law but also politics, labour consultancy and social security, both at national and transnational levels.

These competencies are essential for managing the increasingly complex aspects of the relationship between employers and employees.

The Labour Law team at WST has significant experience in providing both ordinary and strategic consultancy services to private companies, multinational corporations, public law entities, affiliated companies and public administrations. This expertise covers the establishment, management and termination of subordinate, semi-subordinate and autonomous employment relationships.

Strong relationships with institutions and trade unions enable effective management of processes such as corporate reorganization and restructuring, collective dismissals, social safety nets and union negotiations, including those relating to subcontracting procedures or the definition of productivity bonuses.

Thanks to our ability to integrate specialized skills across various professional fields, our Department has developed a comprehensive service to support businesses in the increasingly complex area of labour regulations applied to performance, compliance and corporate governance objectives.

People of the Labour Law Department


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