Corporate Tax

Compliance, tax consultancy and the analysis of international tax systems are all essential tools in company management. The frequency of changes to tax laws and regulations means companies are regularly assessing their strategy, but changes also present new opportunities for savings that must be taken promptly to optimise the tax impact on costs.

Due to the broad nature of tax consultancy WST has trained dedicated corporate tax professionals. Our experience, level of specialisation and integration of various disciplines, enables us to ensure outstanding quality standards in consultancy and tax compliance services, to both domestic and international companies operating in all markets and business sectors.

Our approach to dealing with tax problems has developed over the years. We build modular teams dedicated to individual clients, capable of providing support as a company grows in size and complexity. We can offer tailor-made solutions to small companies as well as international enterprises, always guaranteeing high standards of professionalism and efficiency.

We work with clients to identify and fulfil their needs and requests in fiscal consulting and compliance.

People of the Corporate Tax Department


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